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Aerospace Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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A/Pairplane (US), aeroplane (ICAO)
ACARSAircraft Communication and Addressing Reporting System
ACASairborne collision avoidance system
ACCactive clearance control
ACIAirports Council International
ACMSaircraft condition monitoring system
ADairworthiness directive
ADAadvisory area
ADCair data computer
ADFautomatic direction finder
ADIattitude direction indicator
ADSautomatic dependent surveillance
ADVGerman Airports Association
AF/DAirport/Facility Directory
AFCSautomatic flight control system
AFDSautopilot flight director system
AFEabove field elevation
AFSaeronautical fixed service
AFTThe direction against the aircraft movement
AFTNAeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AHRSAttitude Heading Reference System
AIPAeronautical Information Publication
AIRACAeronautical information regulation and control
ALIAirworthiness Limitation Item
ALSapproach lighting system
AMOApproved Maintenance Organization
ANSPair navigation service provider
AOAangle of attack
AOCAir Operator's Certificate
AOGAircraft on Ground
AOMairport/aerodrome operating minima
ARauthorization required
ARINCAeronautical Radio Inc.
ARTCCair route traffic control centers
ASASAirborne Separation Assurance System
ASDAAssociation for Scientific Development of Air Traffic Management in Europe
ASIairspeed indicator
ASLabove sea level
ASMairspace management
ATAAir Traffic Association
ATCair traffic control
ATFMair traffic flow management
ATISAutomatic Terminal Information Service
ATMair traffic management

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