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Electronics abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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0-DZero Dimensional
2MMicro Miniature
2WTwo Wire
3DThree Dimensional
3GThird Generation
3GpThird generation Partnership Project
3R33.3 ohm Resistor
3SRThree Station Rotating
4P4TQuad-Pole Quad-Throw
4W4-Watt Resistor
4WAFour Wire Analog
4WAI4-Wire Analog Interface
4WHFour Watt-Hour capacity
4WJFour-Way Junction
4WMFour Wave Mixing
Aform A (normally open) contacts
AAActive Active
AAAnti Aliasing
AAAudio Animatronics
AAAutomatic Adjust
AAACAll Aluminium Alloy Conductor
AACAll Aluminium Conductor
AACCAudio Active Comparative Corrective
AACSRAluminium Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced
AACTSAutomated Accelerated Characterization Test Station
AAFAnti-Aliasing Filter
AASAtomic Absorption Spectroscopy
AATSAutomated Application and Testing Solution
ABActive Bridge
ABAmplifier Board
ABAutomatic Balancing
ABCAutomatic Background Calibration
ABEAcceptor Bound Exciton
ABFAdaptive BeamFormer
ABFAgile Bandpass Filter
ABHAndroid Brotherhood
ABIAudio Binary Interface
ABMActivity Based Management
ABRAnti Burn Regulator
ABSAntilock Braking System
ABSAutomatic Blip Scan
ABSAutomatic Brightness Stabilization
ABSCAutomatic Blip Scan Counter
ABTAdvanced Brightness Technology
ABUAnalog Back-Up
ACAmplifier Combination
ACAudio Code
ACAutomatic Control

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