The Antonine Way

A Guide to the Antonine Wall

FAQs: The Antonine Way

Q. Is the Antonine Wall open to the public?

A. The Antonine Wall is a national monument of Scotland and whilst there are many areas that are publicly available to view it is important that these areas are treated with due consideration for their historical importance.

For the most part the best locations have been made accessible and easily viewed by the various local authorities along the route - sites at Falkirk, Kirkintilloch and Bearsden are signposted and open to public viewing.

See the Map Guides for those area best viewed.

Q. Is walking the Antonine Way possible?

A. It is possible to walk for most of the Antonine Wall but there are sections that are in farmland or 'disappear' into industrial zones so its not possible to walk the entire length of the Antonine Wall in an unbroken trail.

See the Maps section for more guidelines and the section 'Antonine Paths ' for existing walks in the Falkirk area.